In Natural Resources

Gunsynd Plc

The Company’s Investing Policy is to invest in and/or acquire companies and/or projects within the natural resources sector, life sciences sector (concentrating on but not being limited to, plant-based nutrition and environmentally friendly alternatives to food sources) and the alcohol beverage sector, (concentrating on but not being limited to, ingredients used within the production of such beverages including sugar cane, agave, and molasses) which the Board considers, in its opinion, have potential for growth. The Company will consider opportunities in all sectors as they arise if the Board considers there is an opportunity to generate potential value for Shareholders. The geographic focus will primarily be Europe, Australia, the US and the Caribbean, however investments may also be considered in other regions to the extent the Board considers that potential value can be achieved.

The Company has now substantially implemented its investing policy in accordance with Rule 15 of the AIM Rules for Companies.